The Author:

Rosita is an inspiring writer looking to expand her talents. She always enjoyed writing, but it wasn’t until she began an internship with a Columbus, Ohio based website that she made the decision to pursue a career in the field. During this internship she came across several projects that helped with the development of her writing voice. These projects included a natural hair care series, an inspirational series and her most popular which gave a spotlight to many Columbus events that her audience could attend.

At this time she is looking to further her career in writing and she has chosen this blog as avenue in her development. After her growing interest in fashion and personal style as well as her own personal natural hair journey, she found writing a blog to be a great fit for her goals and interests. She wishes to embark on other projects as well and when she does she’ll be sure to let you all know.

The Blog:

Curly ‘n Curvy follows the personal style and natural hair care journey of the author Rosita. Throughout the years Rosita has become comfortable with her size and has discovered ways to express herself through her style. She does her best to complete great ensembles while informing readers where they can purchase similar items.

Rosita also shares her experiences of dealing with her natural hair transition. This transition, which is in it’s fourth year, has tested her patience but she has remained calm while exploring methods that have been successful. She has had much success in the last year and will display the results of her current routines as well as showing what products and hairstyles work best for her. As she does with her fashion, she will also inform readers where they can purchase products and supplies.

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