Lane Bryant

Ugh…Everyone knows, one of the most difficult aspects about shopping is finding the right size and fit in anything. Unfortunately, just about every store uses different measurements for the same sizes. Not only that, you sometimes have to deal with an item fitting in some places and not in others. The entire industry Is filled with sizing issues that can’t be fixed over night, but there are some retailers that do what they can to make sure there are no regrets in what you purchase from them. One of those retailers is Lane Bryant.  
Recently, I was invited to a sizing event they hosted to test a sizing machine designed to find the perfect fit for your bra and panties. I’ve heard about these sizing events from Lane Bryant before from friends who had participated in them. Since they’re located here in Columbus, local consumers have an opportunity to be a part of the process of improving their product through some fittings and conversations with stylists. It’s always great when a company really takes time to listen and understand their clients and I was excited to be a part of that.
My appointment was in the morning so I made sure I was as early as I could be since I had to go to work after. When the event began, I was led to an area that was had stations filled with experts, changing areas, sample clothing, and BRAS. The event was centered around finding the most accurate bra size, so the Lane Bryant team was well equipped with tons of bras. I was gonna find my right size today!!
I was first introduced to two associates who informed me of how the fitting would go and discussed a new device that would electronically find the best sizes for my bras and panties. I was given undergarments to try on and to use while testing this device which was basically, a head to toe photo booth with strategically placed cameras to capture your measurements. It was a unique experience and I’ll compare it to the airport metal detectors. After a few tries (you gotta be really still in there) I was then taken back to where we started as we waited for measurements from the booth.  
The experts then took the measurements from the analysis and compared it to their own measurements that they took of me and determined my bra size…my new bra size. I tried out a few bras and they made adjustments to make sure I had a perfect fit. But they didn’t stop there. I then tried on some pants to not only find a good size, but to see what were some problem areas. One of them being that annoying gap in the back. But they worked that out and we lost the gap with the correct size.  
My session was coming to a close and I was given a “Perfect Fit Card” that not only gave be measurements and sizes, but it also suggested styles and fits to try from their bras and pants. They let me keep the pair of the panties that I tried out but the goodies didn’t stop their.

Before leaving I was invited to take a moment for a quick photo shoot. I was given some accessories and the photographer was great at catching some decent pictures. I then received a swag bag filled with some sleek sunnies, a great gold necklace, a Cacique bra bag for my laundry, and coupon for 25% off my next purchase. I took that coupon and took advantage of their online deal of by two get two free on their bras. I order four and so far my favorites are the Indulge Lightly Lined Full Coverage Bra and the True Embrace T-Shirt Bra which was actually recommended to me on my Perfect Fit Card.
I must say, as someone who recently started shopping with Lane Bryant (more than I have in the past), it was a great way to become better acquainted with the company. I really gained some trust in knowing that my style and fit concerns are a constant priority with this brand.  

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