The Mannequin (Not a Challenge)

Corny title, I know. Lol. Hey there guys!! I hope all is well. I am here to discuss my recent experience of attending The Mannequin, The Pulse of Fashion, fashion show. Presented by Signature Couture, this event featured designers from near and far offering great displays of couture and ready to wear fashions within excellent productions. I have a few highlights that I’d like to share so let’s get started. 
First up is Esther Sands with the Amammre brand. This collection included traditional African prints and vibrant solid neutrals. My favorite aspect of this collection would have to be the solid pieces because the colors were amazing. The hues of green and orange were tones that I believe could be worn any time of the year.

These two ensembles were my favorite.

And this standout impressed everyone in the audience.

One of the showstoppers of the would have to me from Misti Leigh and the Luci collection. Not only were the designs impeccable, but the production of this set was amazing.  The models walked along with a classical arrangement that provided a very powerful aspect to the show. Each piece was paired with a unique crown to create regal presence that brought it all together. 

Whether it was a short party dress or a beautiful gown, every piece provided something amazing to this collection.

The great thing about this fashion show, was the diversity being displayed. One of the collections that did a great job at practicing this would have to be Sika InMe for The Kingdom Fashion.

My favorite pieces included this red jump suit and this beautiful blue gown. These items that any curvy girl and wear to that special event.

Well I must say, I was highly impressed with just about every designer. Each one not only put a lot of effort in their designs but within their production sets as well. I have some additional photos that I’ll be posting on my Instagram: @_curlyncurvy so stop by and check them out. See ya next time. Deuces!!

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