Where I want to be…

Hey there everyone!! It’s been a while since we last spoke but I’m ready to get back into the swing of things. I have an update on the status of my natural hair journey so let’s see what’s new!

After years of transitioning, I am very proud of how well defined my curls have become. Now, I’m more comfortable with wearing my hair in its natural state more often than before. Doing so has allowed me to take notice of things like its texture, growth, and how well it’s moisturized.

While wearing my natural hair on almost a daily basis, I’ve noticed the multiple textures I have. The hair around my edges tends to be more loose and wavy which I believe is due to styles that have manipulated my texture like ponytails. The rest of my hair contains very tight coils which seems to be more of my natural curl pattern.

Another aspect that I’ve learned about my hair is its porosity. There’s been a lot of discussion about this within the natural hair community lately mostly caused by Shea Moisture, who recently launched a line for both high porosity and low porosity. After completing a strand test to see what my level would be, I found that I have low porosity hair. I kind of figured that’s what it would be since I’ve always had issues keeping my hair moisturized.  

Learning this about my hair has helped me develop a regimen and set some hair goals. My LOC game is strong and over the next few months I’ll be concentrating on growth and improving weak curls. There will be upcoming posts covering these areas and further explaining my regimen. Until then, take care guys. Deuces!!

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