Not Yet Fall, But…

Hey there guys!! Well summer is unofficially over and my favorite season has come. FALL is here!!! Man I love this season. Great weather, fun activities, and the clothing! Let’s talk about the clothes. Cozy sweaters, dresses with tights, and great outerwear. There’s so much to love about this season that I can’t wait for it to be in full blast. But, I learned the hard way this past weekend to just be patient and wait for it…

So last weekend my bestie and I checked out the Fashion Meets Music Festival here in Downtown Columbus. Rapper Ludacris was set to perform, so we thought it would be a good time. Since it was a fashion event, I decided to find an outfit that went well with the occasion. Now that’s all fine, but I should have kept the weather in mind first.

Now I still think the outfit was great. I purchased these olive colored pants and this cream colored blouse, both from Forever21. I liked both items because not only were they great for the event, but they are great for other occasions such as work, family gatherings, or any other everyday occasion. So at least it wasn’t a waste of money.  Then I added some glasses that I bought from Aldo that I thought were cute. Also, I got these great sandal wedges from the clearance rack at DSW. Eventually those were switched out for some more comfortable flip flops.

While I may have been cute, I was hot. The concert was outside and the sun was out there with us waitin for Luda to take the stage. Then when the concert began we started jumping around and danced and that just made it all worse. There was just so much sweat all over my body; it was gross. It was a great show, but once it was done we decided to leave and head for Gallery Hop in the Short North to find a bar to cool of at. We walked there so again I was burning up.

So the moral of the story is, wait for fall temperatures before wearing fall clothes. Funny thing is, I had the nerve to give a strong side eye to a lady at work who had on a black dress, cardigan, and black boots. Anyhoo, no worries. We have plenty of time to enjoy fall fashions, so just wait on it.

Like I said, this is my favorite season so please come back and don’t forget to subscribe as I bring some of my favorites for fall. Also, please show me some additional support by following me on Instagram at @_curlyncurvy. Until next time. Deuces!!

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