Can’t stop, won’t stop.

Hello there everyone!! I hope you all filled your bellies with good food on thanksgiving and found some good deals the day after. The holidays were good to me and I wish it didn’t end so soon.

This week I want to talk to you all about how fed up I am with my hair. I know I’ve made a lot of progress in the last few months but dealing with the issues I’ve had in the last few years is beginning to make me a bit anxious.

As I continue to use less heat styling as well as styles that may manipulate my curl pattern, seeing the progress and doing the hard work makes me want to just chop it all off and enjoy my curls now. However, many have told me to just be patient and and keep doing what I’m doing. It’s just so difficult to do but in all honesty, I’d probably freak out with how short my hair would be.IMG_8526-1.JPG

Although my hair is getting stronger and healthier, I feel as though hanging on to these damaged ends (which are very long) will just damage the new growth. Maybe at this stage in the game I just need to switch up my routine. Along with continued trims, I think it’s time to start utilizing homemade treatments to protect what I have. I’ve been interested in an apple cider vinegar rinse to use after a homemade protein treatment.


I also know that continued progression will have to include working from the inside out. Previously I was taking hair vitamins along with a multivitamin everyday. I fell off track with that routine and started to see a difference so it’s time to get back on it. Also, it’s time that I start cleaning up my diet by consuming foods with better benefits as well as hitting the gym a few times a week. Wait…this is in no way a resolution because I’m never comfortable with making those. Plus it’s best I start now during the holidays instead of waiting until later.

Ok so maybe I need to quit complaining and just start making some adjustments. But the frustration is real. So for now I’ll just do the best I can and deal….and maybe pray, I’m sure prayer can help, right? That may be too vain so I’ll just deal.


Well that’s enough rambling for one post. I’ll get to working with what I got and keeping you all posted. See you soon.

P.S. I know that last pic is one with straight hair after I just cant complained about wearing my curls. But I promise I’ve been laying off heat styling. Plus I wanted to show an end product. Ok, bye!

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