Hey guys! So I couldn’t think of a more clever title for this post, sorry. But it is about sweatshirts and how they are a great trend to work with.

Recently I’ve noticed that designers are becoming more creative with sweatshirts. They are no longer just an item to wear while working out or lounging around the house. Now, you can wear them to the office, for a night out or wherever you like. There are many options from basic to embellished and you can easily find one to fit any occasion.


Check out this option that I picked up from H&M. It has a great fall floral print as well as a checkered texture. I layered it with a denim button up, a classic pair of black jeans and essential black heels. If you’d like you can add your favorite statement jewelry such as a bib necklace.


As I previously stated, I purchased mine from the H&M store for $29.99, well I had a $10 off coupon….YAY!!! There are several options that are still available on their website like this one found in straight sizes or this one found in plus sizes.

I’ve been enjoying this trend for a few years now and it looks like it’s starting to pick up. Dressed up or dressed down, with sneakers or with heals, you can do what you want with this item and it’ll still be great.

UPDATE: My eyebrows are no longer a problem. ☺️


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